El Casar

Guadalajara, 2010

A very harsh zone with 40ºC summers, a lot of wind and little water, and a very uneven terrain comprised of rocky, clay soil with only a thin layer of good topsoil. The determining conditions for this garden, located on the border between Madrid and Guadalajara, could not be more challenging. Nevertheless, its exuberance and color are surprising. The pillowy hedges and closely cropped plantings of rockrose provide the structure for a succession of flowerings that arrive in the spring and continue until autumn: rivers of salvias, alliums, aromatic herbs, grey-leafed perennials, irises, sedums… in keeping with the New Perennial landscaping movement that is at the apex of design today. Even dry, many of these plants are attractive in winter. Additionally, they are rabbit resistant, an indispensable necessity in this region. Also sown are ornamental grasses that move like waves in the southern wind and beautifully capture the light at dusk.

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