Experimental garden Los Prados

Estepa, Sevilla

The garden that Fernando created on the family estate of Los Prados in Estepa, Sevilla, demonstrates that by using indigenous plants from distinct Mediterranean climates it is possible to attain the level of abundance and greenness that one would find in English gardens, with the advantage of low irrigation. From the beginning this has been an experimental space that has allowed him to try all kinds of plantings, even starting with seeds collected from the nearby countryside. Today the estate is home to a large variety of bushes, perennial shrubs and ornamental grasses that are able to withstand the heat (with spikes up to 45ºC) and lack of rain in the summer, as if in an eternal spring. A variety of trees live here: black elms, figs, Aleppo pines, olives, pomegranates… There is also a potager, perfectly integrated into the garden.

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